Video Interviewing Tips

  Why Video Interviewing
Is The Next Big Thing

With the age of technology upon us, we are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to do things we’ve been doing for years. Job interviewing and finding the perfect candidate has always been a tedious and complex process, but it doesn’t have to be! Video interviewing is the new solution to make your life easier and your business even better.


Scheduling an interview is difficult, and it isn’t easy to fit the whole process into your very busy schedule. Make it much simpler and switch to video interviewing! You will no longer have to worry about unexpected no-shows, having to give people directions over the phone, useless paperwork, and other silly time wasters. Schedule an online interview with a candidate for any time of day, and any place that is best for you, even from home or the coffee shop! If someone clearly doesn’t fit the position, simply say goodbye and hit the X. Conference in as many people as you want, and knock several interviews out at a time. Interviewing shouldn’t be a challenge. It should be easy, especially for you.

Forget Distance

Your business deserves the absolute best and brightest employees, so why limit it to only local candidates? Sometimes that perfect person for the job is a hundred miles away. Find someone who would be ideal for the job, and do not settle for less. Now you don’t need to pay to fly them out and arrange everything. Simply connect online with a video interview, and save the rest for when they’re hired! Even if you are just going out of town, but need to find someone new for the office by Monday, don’t worry. With video interviewing, you can discover your next new hire from anywhere in the world.

Only The Best

Have you ever had somebody show up in a stained t-shirt and jeans to an interview who clearly isn’t prepared, and you think to yourself “how could I have avoided this happening?”. First impressions mean everything. Now that you can connect with a candidate online before inviting them into your office, you can see how they present themselves, how they speak, and how they would or wouldn’t fit the position. Your time is precious, so save the in person conversations for somebody you are ready to hire and bring on board!

Written by Stephanie Cornelius – Staff Writer/Social Media Manager for Staffing Online

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