Using Email Effectively For Business

The Recruitment Process can be time-consuming, so having candidates respond to your emails is essential to speeding up the process.

Statistics show that 46% of candidates are interested in hearing from a corporate recruiter & 27% are somewhat interested. Similar Statistics show that 43% of candidates are interested in hearing from a staffing recruiter & 30% are somewhat interested.

Based on these statistics, your emails should be getting a 70% response rate. If your emails aren’t getting a 70% response rate, it’s not that people are unemployable, it’s your approach. Applying the tips listed below should increase your email response rate dramatically.



Nobody likes receiving spam in their inbox. Whether it is genuine spam or a mass mail, any smart candidate will be able to easily identify it and delete it.

If you are looking to recruit a new employee, tailor each email to the individual employee. With so much information available online, it would be silly not to do research on your potential candidate and learn more about them.

By tailoring each email to the individual candidate, your email will be less likely to end up in their Spam Folder. Using the candidates first name in the email is a great tip to coming across genuine and receiving the response you want.



Excessive Links in an email will set off all spam-filter alarms. If you want to steer clear of the Candidates Spam Folder, only use links when they are completely necessary.

If you’re emailing someone that has never emailed you before, don’t include any links as Spam-Filters will mark your email as spam. A large reason why businesses are struggling with email open rates and response rates is because their emails are ending up in their recipients Spam Folder.



Your Subject Line is your opportunity to sell yourself. Give your recipient a reason to open the email and read it. Be as specific as possible, using as few words as possible. We’ve identified that the perfect Subject Line will have no more than 35 Characters. However, if you feel using more characters will increase your chances of receiving a response, go ahead. People receive tons of emails each day and decide whether to open them, simply by reading the subject line.



When emailing a potential candidate, be sure to use your personal business email such as Using a Business Related Email ( will be considered a marketing email. Email Clients are exceptionally good at categorizing emails and showing their users only the best content. Avoid having your job proposal email being mistaken for advertising.



Be sure to send your email at the right time. If you’re emailing an international candidate, take the time difference into consideration. If you’re emailing the candidate at the end of the work day, chances are they’ll only see your email the following day, along with a bunch of other emails they’ve received throughout the evening and morning.

An ideal time to send your mail would be in the middle of the workday when they have already been through all other emails and could take the time to read yours.

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