Productive Things To Do During The Job Search

Searching for your first job can be quite an extensive process. Staying productive throughout your job search can speed up the process and help you to identify your ideal employer. There are certain tips & tricks you should be doing throughout the job search to improve and make yourself a more qualified candidate.


A network of professional contacts will definitely help you during your job search. Developing and growing your network can be easily done by attending conferences and events related to the industry you’re interested in working. Top professionals from all industries will be attending the conferences aimed towards their industry to learn new skills but also with the intent to grow their network.

Don’t be shy to network with the other professionals at these conferences and events as one of their main intentions for attending these events is to increase their network.



We don’t need to go over the fact that volunteer work looks incredible on your resume – Everyone knows that. But there are other benefits to be gained from volunteer work. You’ll be able to improve and develop new skills in a low-stress environment, unlike an office environment. You’ll also grow your network by meeting other individuals volunteering, who have careers in different industries.

Although volunteering has all these incredible benefits for your resume and career, you’ll also be doing something great for your community.


Personal Development

Developing and improving your skills throughout your job search is essential to your success. Your job search can take several days, week or even months – If you aren’t developing or exercising your skills throughout the process, you’ll becoming rusty. If you’ve ever wanted to develop a new skill that will further your career, now is the time. Take a course or work on a new project that will utilize your skills. Once you’re selected for an interview, mentioning the project or course you’re currently attending will be beneficial to you.

Employers are looking for candidates that are always improving & developing relevant skills to help the company.


Personal Brand

Using your free time throughout your job hunting process effectively will speed up the process and get you working faster. During the free time, you should aim to be constantly reviewing your resume and making improvements to the structure, layout and text. If you’re not getting responses to your applications, create a new cover letter and change the structure and information in it.

If you haven’t visited your LinkedIn profile in a while, now is the perfect time to update and polish your profile to look great for potential employers that may be searching for you.

Keeping your resume and LinkedIn profile polished and updated will make you look like a more qualified candidate.

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