Job Seeking Trends That Will Get You Hired Faster

With technology constantly changing, employees need to keep up with the latest job seeking trends. People are constantly using different sources to locate their dream job and if you aren’t keeping up, you’re missing out! Below we’ve listed some of the top job seeking trends that have recently made an impact on the way people are locating their dream job.

Location Is No Longer A Deal Breaker

Office location is no longer an issue because of advances in technology allowing employees to work from anywhere. Employers are able to easily keep in contact with remote employees using video conference software such as Skype. Remote work is great for both employers and employees, as both are able to find their dream job & dream candidate for the position, no matter where they are based in the world.


Searching For Work On Social Media

Social Media has become essential for everyone, even businesses. Candidates are using Social Media to identify companies they’d like to work for and researching the company before applying. Businesses can utilize this opportunity by remaining transparent on Social Media & sharing information about the business which will be seen by potential customers, as well as candidates.

Another great method to find your dream job on Social Media is to follow job boards on Social Media. Staffing Online posts the latest jobs straight to our Social Media platforms, allowing our Social Media followers to be the first to view new job vacancies. Being one of the first to apply for the position will give you a head-start.

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Informal Networking

Networking in a casual setting can be extremely beneficial to your career. Networking can come from anywhere and it’s always great to be prepared. Networking should not be limited to a professional setting or corporate networking event, as we are constantly meeting interesting people each day. Building business relationships with the people we encounter each day will improve your career and enrich your life. Keep in mind that even when networking in a casual setting, an intentional and punctual follow-up is essential.


Multi-Skilled Candidates

Employers are seeking employees that are multi-skilled, being able to fill several roles in the workplace. Multi-Skilled candidates are more likely to land the position, even without an impressive education. Employers are starting to value multi-skilled candidates more than well-educated candidates, as it is more beneficial to the business. Although education is still vital, it is no longer enough to land you the position.

Personal Skill Development should be the main focus of all candidates as it will give them a much better chance of landing their dream job.

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