How to Write Effective Job Descriptions

The titles and descriptions of your job postings are significant facilitators in attracting career seekers. Candidate-friendly descriptions will not only increase exposure of your job postings on the site, but they will also improve the chances of finding successful matches with qualified applicants who will potentially apply for these positions.

Effective Titles:

  • Explain the desired career level within the title, i.e. Entry-level
  • Be as concise and explicit as possible
  • Narrow down what the work for the position will entail, i.e. say Medical Writer rather than simply saying Writer

One should attempt to avoid:

  • Dramatic punctuation, i.e. exclamation points
  • Having job titles that read as job descriptions (keep titles concise!)
  • Internal acronyms or personal references that potential candidates won’t understand

Effective Descriptions:

  • Maintain details that describe exactly what the qualifications of the position entail, allowing job seekers to determine on their own as best they can if they are suitable. Describe significant details about company that candidates should be privy too (what are the benefits of the business, etc.)

Be sure to answer the following questions within description:

  • What are the duties the potential candidate will perform? Provide details on the working environment, responsibilities, etc.
  • What makes a candidate qualified? Specific desired years of experience, educational background, required certifications, etc.
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