How to Successfully Interview Job Candidates

When scheduling an interview, not only does the candidate have to prepare but so do you! Finding the perfect candidate is easy at Staffing Online, and the hiring process should be easy too. With these 10 quick tips, interviewing will be faster and simpler than ever.

1. Be Selective

You are looking for an amazing candidate for the position. When you’re reading resumes or watching greeting videos, keep track of the candidates who truly stand out to you. Those are the people who you should be contacting. You don’t want to waste your time, or theirs, so only make time in your busy schedule for the candidates you think would be the perfect fit. At Staffing Online, we build tools into our system to help employers such as the ability to take notes on job seekers, links for video chat, video resumes and video greetings. After all, employers hire people not resumes.

2. Respond Quickly

Once you reach out to a candidate to schedule an interview, always continue to reply in a timely manner. Otherwise, they might believe you’ve lost interest in them, and therefore lose interest in the job you’re offering and apply elsewhere. Show them the same courtesy that they’re showing you, and respond quickly to any emails or calls.

3. Prepare Thoroughly

On the day of the interview, don’t let your candidate arrive and find you entirely unprepared and rushing around the office to get things ready. Ideally, a couple days in advance you should get all necessary documents ready, figure out the questions you want to ask, and review your candidates resume one more time. Being prepared is being professional.

4. Give Yourself Time

Don’t try to squeeze in an interview during 15 minutes on your lunch break. Move things around and allow yourself at least 30 minutes in your schedule. Give yourself and your candidate enough time to get to know each other and all about the position.

5. Quiet Setting

The noisy, busy break room or a crowded Olive Garden at lunch is not the right place for an interview. The setting needs to be relatively quiet and calm in order for both you and your candidate to feel at ease and accomplish the necessary goals of the interview. A quiet office or secluded spot is always your best bet.

6. Ask Questions, Allow Answers

Of course you’re excited to tell your new candidate all about your company, but don’t forget to pause and give them time to answer. Make sure you’ve prepared questions that ask them all about who they are, their experiences, and what they can do. Give them time to answer, without interruption.

7. Describe In Detail

Your candidate will have questions for your too, and some of them will probably be about specifics of the position. Always give them the utmost amount of detail about what will be expected, what the hours will be, the rate of pay, and any other info they will need to know.

8. Show Your Interest

If the interview is going well and the candidate seems like an amazing fit with great skills and experience, show them you are interested. You don’t have to hire them on the spot (although you can if you like) but something simple like smiling often or asking questions like “when would you be available to start?” or “can I reach out to these references today?” also subtly show your interest!

9. Proper Language

Even if you and the candidate you’re interviewing are getting along famously like old pals, remember that you are in a professional setting. Always keep your language respectable and don’t use any offensive words or comments. You don’t want to turn them away.

10. Follow Up

If you are extremely interested in a candidate, always follow up via phone call or email within a couple days of the interview. No matter how busy you are, find a way to let them know that you’re definitely interested. If you don’t, they might go somewhere else.

Written by Stephanie Cornelius – Staff Writer/Social Media Manager for Staffing Online

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