How To Hire The Best College Students

As students near their graduation date, they begin to focus not only on their studies but also what the future holds. They are eager to use their knowledge, skills, and creative minds to make a name for themselves and discover their talents and careers. A college hire can be one of the best employees you could possibly find! There are a few key things to look for, and it’s truly easy to find the exact kind of employee you need.

Connect In New Ways

As the world of technology continues to grow, so do the ways connections are made and job positions are filled. Today’s college students are accustomed to using technology in not only their studies, but in everything that they do. Websites such as Staffing Online offer features such as video resumes, photo portfolios, and video interviewing which is a medium college students are more comfortable with! Apps such as Instagram and Twitter are also wildly popular with college students, and are an excellent new ways to find talent and connect. Companies who have their own social media are seen as more progressive, professional, and current.

Use Exciting and Fun Language

Okay, this can be a bit tricky. What I mean is to make your job listings and descriptions appealing to the mind of a college student. I do not mean try to use slang like “bae” or “hella” in your listings in hope of relating and attracting younger applicants. Even college age job seekers know what is professional, and trust me; they will be quick to notice, and laugh, if you are purposefully trying to use hip slang with no idea what you’re doing. Your listings should try to incorporate fun, enticing, colorful words, and not be a total snooze. Use exclamation points! Talk about your corporate philosophy, opportunities for growth, and progressive company culture. Make your job description easy yet interesting to read.

Your Audience Is Diverse

The millennial generation is very forward thinking, progressive, creative, and accepting of all walks of people. Keep in mind that when you go to a college to recruit, or are positing a job listing in hopes of attracting college students as hires, that you are not discriminatory or using dated language in any way. A title such as “looking for the right man for the job” or saying you’re “searching for a pretty, well dressed, girl to be the face of the office” is a no-no. These students know their worth, are confident in their abilities, and are not comfortable with language that deems anyone inferior. So simply have an open mind! Don’t let physical attributes such as a blue streak of hair, a tattoo, or extra ear piercing discourage you from hiring somebody amazing.

Be Honest About The Position

College students are very savvy, and know when they are being deceived or scammed. Always be honest about exactly what you’re looking for, what the position entails, and what the pay will be like. Otherwise, your candidate will feel like they are being mislead and will quickly go search and apply somewhere else. The economy is still in a rough place, and college students know this more than anyone. If they are looking for a job, they want it to be stable, truthful, and reliable. Make your job listings personable, so these young candidates know that you are a real person looking for someone to do a real job. Treat them as you want to be treated, with respect and honesty.


Written by Stephanie Cornelius – Staff Writer/Social Media Manager for Staffing Online

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