How To Get All Your Business Emails Read

Getting the recipient to open your email can be tough, especially if you’ve never made contact with them before. Before the recipient has opened your email, all they will see is the subject line of the mail. Your Email Subject Line will determine whether the email gets opened right away or put off. Several factors determine whether your email will be opened or archived to be dealt with later. Several companies have done studies on what makes an email more likely to be opened and it all comes down to creating a compelling subject line for your email.

Personalize Your Emails

Using a template will save you time, but it will lower the chances of your email getting opened. When composing your email, it is essential to personalize it to the recipient and include their name and information throughout the email. By using their personal information, such as their name, education history or work experience, the recipient will realize that the mail was tailored specifically to them. People like to feel that they are being contacted directly and that you want to start a dialog with them rather than being marketed to using a mass mailer and template.

Mentioning your recipient’s name in the subject line will increase the chances of it being opened by 26%!


Not Too Long & Not Too Short

An effective subject line is not too long, as it will be cut off on some devices. When composing your Subject Line, your goal should be to descriptively get your message across in as few characters as possible. After reading the subject line, your recipient should understand exactly what the email is going to be about and why they need to read it right away.

If you’re wondering what the perfect length is, some statistics show the relation between the length of subject line and percentage of open rate.

4–15 characters: 15.2% open; 3.1% click

16–27 characters: 11.6% open; 3.8% click

28–39 characters: 12.2% open; 4% click

40–50 characters: 11.9% open; 2.8% click

51+ characters: 10.4% open; 1.8% click

The longer your Subject Line, the higher the risk of the full subject not displaying correctly on Mobile & Tablet Devices.

Mutual Connections

If you’ve never made contact with your recipient but have mutual connections in common, mentioning the mutual connection within the Subject Line will increase the open rate by 27%. By mentioning a mutual connection, you’re providing an endorsement of trust and a reason for your recipient to read your email. Your recipient will be more likely to open mail from someone they’ve never made contact with if that person has a mutual connection to the recipient.

Create Urgency

People would rather put off opening the email for later unless they feel like they will be missing out if they don’t open it right away. By creating urgency for your recipient, they will be more inclined to open your email and deal with it right away. When composing your subject line, mention words like “today” or “limited time”, to create the sense of urgency that will get your recipient to open the mail right away.

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