Effectively Describe Your Skills On Your Resume

Describing your skills on your resume can be tough to convey without being obnoxious or even boring. There is an art to effectively conveying your skill set to your potential employers without boring them or even having them misinterpret.

Listing your skills should always be done in an interesting and meaningful manner. If possible, tailor the way you list your skills to include how they will be effective for the position you are applying for.

Any position in which you have currently worked will provide you with skills and experience which can be listed on your resume in a meaningful manner.

Example of how a Waitress could effectively list hi/her Skills:

· Provided quality customer service by interacting with restaurant patrons in a professional, friendly manner.
· Personally oversaw a section of the dining area and utilized multitasking skills to serve all patrons in that area equally.


List Your Job Title & Responsibilities

When you’re listing your experience and skills, you should never assume that the employer will understand what your responsibilities were. Companies name all positions themselves and decide the responsibilities that the position entails. Although you may think that the position title itself will describe the responsibilities of the position, it is wise to list the responsibilities in an effective a meaningful manner.

Job Titles don’t mean as much as they did before, and many positions require you to do a lot of work that wouldn’t traditionally be associated with the position title, so be sure to list all the responsibilities and work you did.


Tailor Past Experience to Assist Current Goals

All your previous work experience can be used to assist with the application for your current position. Any position you’ve worked in has taught or exercised skills that will be beneficial in the position you are currently applying for. Effectively tailoring those skills in your resume to display how it will be beneficial to your new job is an essential skill.

If you were a waiter and are currently applying for a sales position, mentioning that you were continuously serving and providing quality customer service to all of your guests will be beneficial to your new position as it will require communication with customers.


Always Be Truthful

When tailoring your skills to assist with your current job application, don’t lie or over-exaggerate your skillset. Although exaggerating your skillset might land you the interview, it will hurt you in the end as your new employer will expect you to utilize your listed skillset in your new position. If you are unable to perform the skill you listed in your resume, your employer will quickly realize you’ve lied and you won’t be off to a good start in your new position.

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