Best Ways To Write A Job Posting

As an employer looking for the best possible candidate, you also want to post the best possible job listing. It’s easy to catch the attention of a job seeker and also comprehensively describe the position at the same time, and we at Staffing Online strive for that kind of quality. Job seekers see hundreds of listings every day, so here’s some tips to help yours stand out!

What you should do!

  • Use a descriptive title that tells the job seeker exactly what the position is! Don’t beat around the bush with vague titles like “Assistant”. Instead, say something like “Office Assistant for Exciting Real Estate Firm.” People need to know what you’re offering in order to be interested!
  • Be clear and concise while describing your business and what the position entails. Explain your company’s mission, what your new employee will do, exactly what you’re looking for, where it will be, when they can start, and what the compensation will be.
  • Tell the truth and offer a real job. Staffing Online, and job seekers, don’t want to see spam or misleading posts. Be truthful and honest about all aspects of the job you are offering.
  • List the necessary qualifications for the position, including education level and prior experience. Not only will this help the job seeker know if they should apply, but it will also prevent you from getting hundreds of applications from candidates that do not have what you are looking for.
  • Use spell and grammar checks. Job seekers will be turned away easily by a post that his misspelled words and improper grammar. It appears unprofessional and messy, which is not what you want to convey. If you need some help besides spell check you can always contact us!

What you shouldn’t do!

  • Never use all caps in the post title! It appears aggressive and unprofessional, just like yelling at the top of your lungs in the workplace. Spam postings are most often typed with all caps, and you don’t want your quality post to be confused with spam.
  • Don’t use content or descriptions that aren’t yours. Taking a description straight from another job listing is a bad idea, because every job is unique. You need to describe exactly what you want from a candidate for your company.
  • Keep the keywords accurate and don’t try to cheat the system. Trying to get people searching for a job in accounting or medicine to also seeing your post about a retail position is misleading and a time waster for both them and you. You need candidates who are right for the position you’re offering, and at Staffing Online you will definitely find them. Don’t worry.
  • Offensive or discriminatory language is never okay. Keep your posts non-specific to any race, gender, or age. Always use the same proper language that you would use within the workplace!
  • Don’t ask for excessive personal information. If you are immediately asking for a candidates’ home address, marital status, or SSN, you have made a mistake. None of those things are okay to ask for until the hiring process is well underway. All you need is a contact email and phone number at first! Otherwise, it will turn people away

Written by Stephanie Cornelius – Staff Writer/Social Media Manager for Staffing Online

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