5 Signs of Great Candidates

When interviewing dozens of candidates, it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for and what sets the mind-blowing apart from the mediocre. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when trying to find someone perfect for the position.
  • 1. Presentation- Somebody that is dressed nicely, neatly, and professionally understands that he or she will be expected to dress similarly for the daily job and is taking the interview seriously. It’s unlikely he will show up to his first day of work in a sloppy t-shirt and jeans!
  • 2. Preparation- Take note when a candidate comes in and has thought of absolutely everything! They brought their resume, their cover letter, a list of references, and whatever else they might need. If it’s clear that they read up on the company and looked into exactly what the position will require, that is a person who has put effort into their interview and will likely put equal effort into their job!
  • 3. Consistency- While reviewing a candidates resume, take a look at how consistent their work experience is. It’s understandable for young people to jump around to different jobs, but if it’s every couple months then they might have a problem with commitment. You deserve an employee who will be there for the long haul, not someone who will quit after a couple weeks.
  • 4. Innovation- When searching for a candidate who has all the necessary skills for the position, do not disregard their other skills and experiences as well. You never know what their unique history and education might add to the table! Ask them if they have any ideas for your business, because someone with fresh new ideas should never be ignored.
  • 5. Confidence– During an interview, the candidates’ demeanor and way of speaking communicates a lot about who they are as a person. Somebody who is well spoken, smiles often, sits up straight, and makes a lot of eye contact is probably a confident person who will also be confident in their work! A good conversationalist is typically also a good team player, and team work is the backbone of any successful business.
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