4 Ways to Increase Employee Wellness

There are many different factors that go into running a successful and thriving business, and one of the absolute most important factors is the health, happiness, and wellness of the employees. More and more businesses are implementing new, exciting strategies to increase wellness in the workplace. With just a few easy steps, your business could be on that path too!

Tackling Wellness Together

In addition to doing 15 minute group yoga, or taking a walk before lunch, there are new ways to connect and increase a healthy lifestyle in the workplace! A great way to facilitate wellness is by providing your employees with cloud enabled fitness trackers, such as Fitbit or Apple Watches. If you can’t provide them, encourage employees to get one so they can compete in fun fitness contests alongside their co-workers, possibly for workplace incentives. These cloud connected fitness devices encourage team building, socializing, movement, energy, drive, and motivation. All of these characteristics should be promoted in the workplace, and your employees will become better workers as a result!

Wellness Is More Than Physical Health

Boring old physical health programs are not the way of the future. Now, these programs have evolved into programs that cover overall wellness including physical, emotional, financial, and social health. These other areas of wellness are sometimes even more important and essential than physical health. Incorporating smart spending and stress management workshops into your workplace wellness programs can be more helpful to employees than you’d think! A large amount of stress and inability to focus at work can be attributed to financial troubles or emotional difficulties at home. Helping your employees deal with these things will make them feel understood, supported, and decrease their stress levels, hopefully building a brighter tomorrow for them and for your business.

It’s For A Good Cause

Most people feel morally obligated to contribute to society, and help other people in need. This is a wonderful thing, and using the motivation of donating to a charitable cause is a great way to get more of your employees to participate in wellness programs. Encourage your employees by having a contest to see who can take the most steps in a month, and whoever wins gets to donate $1,000 to a charity of their choice! You don’t have to do exactly that, but the idea remains. Improve your business while also making the world a better place.

Use Social Media To Continue Wellness At Home

Many companies are recently encouraging their employees to post (appropriate) fitness photos of themselves on Instagram or other social networks! Connecting and sharing your accomplishments is a great way to stay motivated and off the couch after you get home from work. This also establishes connections and team building in addition to self-confidence and motivation. People love to share their successes and receive praise for them, and this personal success can be shared in or out of the workplace. Regardless, it’ll make a better workplace for you and for your employees.

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