4 Things All Candidates Want In The Job Application Process

Streamlining the job application process is beneficial to both the candidates and the employer. Creating an easy application process will encourage more applicants and increase the employer’s chance of finding the ideal candidate for the position.
Below are several things potential candidates are looking for when starting the job application process.
When applying for a new position, potential candidates want to know what it would be like working for the company. By sharing genuine information about your company culture and employee experience, you’ll be able to find candidates that are excited to join your company. By outlining the employee experience, your new employee will be less likely to leave the position, as they are aware what the experience will be like.
When creating a job listing, businesses focus on listing the qualifications needed to apply for the position. However, candidates are looking for an informative description of what their roles will be in the position. By spending time describing what is expected of the candidate, both the employer and candidate can get a better idea of what is expected of the new employee. Many businesses fail to create the perfect job description which is deterring their ideal candidate for the position.
Employees want the application process to be as simple and painless as possible. Employers need to keep this in mind when creation the application by asking fewer questions and more relevant questions. The application process shouldn’t take more than 60 minutes (assuming the candidate has already created their resume prior). If candidates have to spend 60 minutes or more to apply for a position, they will be discouraged as it is too time-consuming and they might not land the role.
Employees want periodic updates during the recruitment process. Once you have received an applicant’s resume, they’ll want to know that you received it and what happens next. Keep the candidates informed throughout the process and make it easy for them to get in contact with you. Providing your candidates the same swift responses that they give you will keep them interested in your position. When businesses fail to periodically update their candidates on the process, they will either lose interest in the position or assume that the position has been filled and will look elsewhere. 
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