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How to Attract (and how NOT to Repel) Future Employers
Spring Cleaning your Resume… Don’t Send out that Old, Outdated Resume! ATS Systems will delete it before employers even see it.
Job Seeking Trends That Will Get You Hired Faster
People are constantly using different sources to locate their dream job and if you aren’t keeping up, you’re missing out!
Job Seeker Tips – How to Ace the Interview
A lot of what gains you points in an interview is your behavior. They already have your resume. They want to know about you.
Five Simple Strategies to Impress the Heck Out of the Hiring Team
The capacity to reach the interview phase of the job search is the greatest (and sometimes the scariest) feeling a person on the hunt could ever possess!
How Tacos Can Help You Land Your Next Job
Let’s taco ‘bout how you win over any employer by crafting the best resume ever!!! Be the taco. Just…be…the…taco… Oh…so you want to know more? Here goes…the Taco in its most basic form… - Read More
20 Questions to Land You the Job You Want
A few key words to remember: Radiate enthusiasm. Link your qualifications and experience with the requirements of the prospective job. Make it clear why you are the right person for the job. Never speak poorly about your current boss.
Productive Things To Do During The Job Search
Searching for your first job can be quite an extensive process. Staying productive throughout your job search can speed up the process and help you to identify your ideal employer.
Speed Up Your Recruitment & Get Hired Fast
Spending time on your job hunt is essential to finding the perfect job for you. However, in certain cases, it is important for the candidate to speed up the recruitment process and get hired fast.
The Do’s & Don’ts of Interviewing
Here are some tips and pointers for acing your job interview.
Job Seekers Tips 27 Unusual Interview Questions
Here are some of the most interesting, unusual, and unique interview questions we've come across.
Interviewing Skills 101
Introduce yourself with a smile and firm handshake. Maintain good eye contact during conversation. Demonstrate to the recruiter what you want to and can do for the employer today, based on employer research. Give tow minute commercial.
Dressing for the Interview
Wear clothing that indicates you are ready to go to work today. All clothes should be neatly pressed. Conservative two-piece business suit (solid dark blue or gray is best).
Interviewing Strategies for Job Seekers: The Two Key Steps
Preparing for the interview is a very important step in landing your dream job. Here are some strategies you can utilize.