Resume Tips & Advice

Typical Resume Mistakes that make Employers Cringe!
An effective resume is the backbone of any job hunting experience... here are some points and suggestions to consider…you don’t want to lose the job before you’ve even begun to try for it!
Resume Writing 101
The resume is your key to the employment office door. It is what gets you the interview that gets you the job. It’s a declaration of what you can do and why you would be the best candidate for that job.
Effectively Describe Your Skills On Your Resume
Describing your skills on your resume can be tough, without being obnoxious or even boring. There is an art to effectively conveying your skill set to your potential employers without boring them or even having them misinterpret.
Do’s & Don’ts of a Video Resume
Some key pointers for preparing and creating your video resume - such as, how to prepare, the length of your video, and what to say.
Composing the Perfect Cover Letter
Your cover letter and resume are equally important for your application and should be treated equally.
Effective Resume Writing
Your resume is an essential part of your job search; it is your opportunity to make a good impression on employers.
Video Resume Tips
Links to articles pertaining to video resumes and helpful information for prospective employees.
Cover Letter Do’s & Don’ts
Most people are familiar with the importance of a well-constructed resume and put a fair amount of time into creating one. But just as important is the cover letter that accompanies and introduces your resume.
Ace the Resume — Key Words to Use
A list of keywords to use in your resume to make yourself stand out as a serious candidate.
Resume Samples
Basic resume samples for chronological and functional type resumes.