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Funny Interviews: Meet the Dumbest Job Applicants

HR professionals reveal their most outrageous interviewing experiences—and they’re all real!

17 Weird Jobs You Probably Didn't Know Exist

It seems as though we can pay people to do anything for us these days: walk our dogs, build our furniture, organize our homes ... cuddle with us when we're feeling lonely.

40 Interview Questions that are Way Better Than Real Ones

What do you need to establish when interviewing a potential candidate? – If they have the right skills for the job at hand? Will they fit in with the company’s culture? If they’re suitable for this position at this stage of their career? If they have a good attitude? Whatever it may be, we can assure you that asking any potential candidate these 40 questions will ensure you find your star employee.

Funny Job Interview Stories From Across the Digital Industry

Over the past few years I have interviewed a lot of individuals for digital marketing related roles including SEO, PPC, Social, Analytics and Content. A lot of the time, interviews run pretty smoothly and you get an idea of how the interview is going to pan out right from the very start. However, there have been some occasions where I have interviewed people and some of the things they come out with are shocking!

20+ People Who Had One Job And Still Failed

Sometimes people just have one job to do and they still manage to screw it up. In fact, they manage to screw it up so bad it's even difficult to believe they didn't notice. Luckily, when you're not the one who messed up it can be pretty funny.

12 Disastrously Stupid Job Postings That Actually Ran

These actual classified ads are proof that some companies just aren't worth working for.

Funny Job Interview Tweets That Will Leave You in Splits

Job interviews are scary, no questions there. But they can also be funny, perhaps only in retrospect. Deciding to remember the funny bit, people on social media are sharing funny job interview scenarios. Not only are the situation described by them hilarious but even the conversation between the supposed interviewer and them will leave you in splits.

7 Funny Newspaper Job Wanted Ads You’ve Never Seen

When so many people are making us laugh with funny job wanted ads on Craigslist, let’s take a moment to enjoy the lost art of newspaper job wanted ads.

15 Common Words That Used To Mean Completely Different Things


8 People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Email Mistake Ever

An estimated 205 billion emails are sent every single day. With so many opportunities to put the wrong email address in the "to" or '"forward" to the person you were gossiping about, it's no wonder so many people have hiccups when they move too swiftly in their Gmail or work accounts. Here, real people share their greatest blunder ever.

Interview Humor

These interview nightmares are from hiring professionals, may they provide a strong reminder to candidates on what to NEVER do while on an interview.

Top 10 Funniest Job Horror Stories

These are the top 10 funniest, work horror stories from around the internet

Strange But True (And Really Funny) Job Interview Behavior

35 of the most peculiar interview behaviors as seen by hiring managers—these are hilarious, and some even dangerous!

Funny Interview Stories That’ll Get You Guffawing

12 unusual interview accounts that will that will make your jaw drop

15 (More) Hilarious Tales of Job Interview Embarrassment

15 ridiculous interview stories from both hiring managers and candidates, whether or not you relate to some, all or none whatsoever, these stories will have you laughing no matter what!

43 Weird Things Said in Interviews

CNN uncovers through an HR survey what hiring professionals deemed to be the 43 weirdest statements ever made in a job interview were, such as “I’m not wanted in this State.”

The 10 Wildest Job Interview Stories EVER

The Guardian newspaper asked readers for their most awkward or embarrassing interview experiences. Much of what you will find in this article are unbelievable!

12 Workplace Stories That Prove Human Beings Are Too Awkward For This Earth

12 truly cringe-worthy stories of embarrassing, outrageous and laugh-out-loud ridiculous workplace stories.

Funniest Workplace Moments

Some of the most embarrassing stories, mistakes and slip-ups ever shared within the workplace, enjoy these six employers sharing their mot humbling working experiences ever!

5 embarrassing office stories that will make you cringe

This ‘OfficeTeam’ survey recounts 6 of the most embarrassing mishaps in the workplace that you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

36 Work Cartoons to Help You Get Through the Week

Beyond Dilbert: Take a break at the office and laugh with our collection of Reader’s Digest cartoons about work and office life.

Real-life Funny Job Interview Stories

These funny job interview stories may hopefully make anyone who has ever said the wrong thing, wore the wrong outfit, etc, feel a bit better!

Friday Funny: Top 10 Ways People Act Like Children In The Workplace

Here are 10 ways that employers have portrayed classic child-like behaviors, including pouting, temper-tantrums and downright uncalled for reactions within the workplace.

31 of the Best Office Pranks & Practical Jokes to Pull on Your Work Buddies

Want to hear about some of the funniest office pranks reported this year? Check out this article for some good old fashioned ‘stapler in the Jell-O” gags!

HR Horror Stories: What’s the Absolute Worst Thing You Could Do on the Job?

For many newcomers to any HR department, the first few years are both shocking and entertaining. Here are some of the most horrific accounts from HR representatives we’ve yet to come across.

Top 10 Funniest Workplace Accidents

Although not all work place accidents are amusing, we feel this article truly captures the humor of mishaps at work!