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Our Mission, Our Vision…
Our mission and vision started by Jason Bibi in 1997, to provide the best possible staffing services to both job seekers at 100% free service, and employers at the most economical rate.

Our goal is to become an industry leader in providing innovative human capital asset resource solutions. We have been chosen by many companies of different sizes, from small to medium to multi-national firms, to provide a key assistance in locating the most qualified candidates for a given position coast to coast. That’s why we are considered the world wide web’s premier resume and job database source. It’s where career seekers find that dream, career-rewarding position, and employers find highly qualified candidates.
Unique Services!
We are the one company that pioneered the use of photo (snapchat), video clips and video chat of applicants with almost all resume and job postings. It should be noted here that Staffing Online, Inc.® in no way condones nor approves any type of discrimination between applicants.
Staffing Online, Inc.® offers multiple types and levels of service all designed to assist career seekers and employers in finding each other at the most expeditious rate.
Staffing Online For Career Seekers
Introducing… “SMART, The Match Maker”
Finally a process that makes everyone happy. It is a process that utilizes an algorithm with super artificial intelligence. The process comes through millions of bits of information from both employer postings and career seekers. It finds matches that meet the requirements of employers and the requests of career seekers.
Joining … It‘s simple … It’s easy … It’s FREE!
Career Seekers… just fill in-the-blank of the carefully selected criteria and in just minutes you will have your credentials appear on the desktops of leading companies coast to coast. You will be considered for opportunities typically before they are even advertised or announced elsewhere.
Guiding Principles
Staffing Online, Inc.® subscribes, adheres and promotes equal opportunity employment laws. In accordance, we request the practice of equal opportunity in recruitment selection without regard to race, color creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preference, age, veteran status, martial status or disability.
Excellence in service…24/7 Non-Stop
We have one goal in mind…to provide employers & career seekers with the best possible service. Staffing Online, Inc.® will help find those qualified candidates that employers are in need of and rewarding careers that job seekers are searching for.
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